Status pages

Public status pages to show your website or services uptime and downtime to your visitors. Under your own subdomain. It can be password protected.

SMS and Voice Call

Once a downtime is confirmed from multiple location for a specified amount time time and recovery action failed to bring it back online, we will call, SMS or email you.

DNS Failover

By Integrating Nameserver providers API such as Cloudflare, you can have your website DNS automatically changed to your backup server upon downtime until your main server is recovered.

Online detector

Detect number of online visitors on your website when a downtime occured and annouce number of online visitors over notification.

Every Single Minute Counts,
Simultaneous multiple location scans

You can choose scans to be made from multiple locations and customize intervals

Every minute, few scans

Multiple servers in different countries will scan your website and furnish a performance report for you

Maintenance Mode

You can specify your scheduled maintenance times to avoid triggering recovery actions and receiving calls on your maintenance routine period


False-Alarm Protection

We double check for errors, and we do it from multiple locations to make sure downtimes is not result of momentary network lag.

Deleyed Alarm

You can delay alarm and notifications and during this delay, we observe server for recovery and only notify you if server failed to recover.

Recovery actions to save your day

Recover your webserver or database server. Switch DNS to your backup server.


Protected Recovery Actions

For your own security, we do not offer password based SSH login recovery actions. We use Key-based login, and generate different key for each of your actions.


Performance graphs and Log reports

We keep them in your account and you can review them at anytime.


Go back in time

We keep your scan logs, so you can always go back in time and review your downtimes, ping times and failed locations. You can receive minute by minute report starting from day you started using our service.


Multiple Contacts and Users

You can define multiple users to be able login and view controlled set of monitors. you can restrict them from viewing all monitors. Additionally, you can define multiple contacts to receive downtime calls at different specified time based on their working schedule or based on duration of downtime.


Get 10% discount if you subscribe for one year, and 20% if you subscribe for two years.

Starter Basic Standard Professional Enterprise
Uptime Monitors 25 50 100 250 500
Scan Interval Minutes 5 1 1 1 1
Included Credits 25 50 100 250 500
Detailed Data History 30 Days 60 Days Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Email Notification
Voice Call Notification
SMS Notification
Recovery SSH Actions
Recovery DNS Failover
Recovery HTTP Recovery Call
Maintenance Scheduler
Sub-Users 5 10 20
Monthly Price $4.99/mo $12.99/mo $36.95/mo $84.99/mo $234/mo

* Free account is limited to accounts with 1 category and less than 5 uptime monitors. It exclude pro features such as sms/voice notification, scheduling and recovery actions.

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