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Pingmeter monitors and auto rescues your website during downtimes, so you can relax and focus on what's important. You can configure it to receive voice call if problem persists.

You might have a great website, shop or blog. so do your competitor. And they get your visitors when your site is down. It is stressful to have your website down and you get aware of it few hours after your visitors. Be the first one to notice.

Pingmeter born in 1st September 2017 by Armin Nikdel. Armin had experience of managing servers since 2005. At times, servers could get shaky due to unexpected loads of visitors, hardware failures or simply buggy softwares. Armin's previous product was a web analytics which received visitor information from thousands of websites and if that service go down even for a short period of time, it could mean blank gaps between hourly stats and inaccurate daily stats. It was an stressful experience as he had to keep his phone always with him and often wake up in middle of night by an automated computer caller notifying him that he need to restart a server. In order to keep the service always up and get back his peaceful sleep, He created various scanners in the server to automatically check and recover servers. There was no more random computer generated calls in middle of nights or meetings. Existing uptime monitors were able to notify him but they lack features necessary such as trying to recover before alerting. He decided to share what he have achieved in a simple and easy to use platform called Pingmeter and further improving it with additional feature. Pingmeter is result of Armin's 19 years of experience in server management field and web-based app development.

Pingmeter ping websites constantly to ensure your website is working fine. If a website timeout or go down, Pingmeter will double check it with our other servers across america, europe, russia and even australia, then notify specified contacts via SMS, email or even voice call.

Monitors can be associated with website, so Pingmeter keep track of online visitors on the websites. and If a monitor go down, it notify contacts in call about number of your online visitors and record how many online visitors were on website when this downtime happened.

Pingmeter monitor can scan HTTP, HTTPS, SSL Certificate validation, FTP, SMTP, POP3, IMAP, ICMP, MySQL and custom port. Monitors can be parents of a previous monitor, so for example contacts do not receive multiple alerts if their server go down and bring down HTTP, MySQL and FTP along with it.

Additionally, it can trigger pre-defined rescue actions to automatically recover website such as modifying CloudFlare DNS to a backup server or restarting MySQL, Apache or other services by sending SSH command to the server.

Pingmeter gives a public (or private password protected) status page which you can link on the website so that visitors can check service status.

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